Keeping Your Windshield Scratch Free

Well, we all have some cleaning issue with our cars. However, as the rainy season coming up the clean car become quite an issue to handle. Well, there will be mud and the strong wind will bring some dirt with them. So keeping cars windshields clean and starch free will is a big challenge. So we must be preparing for this season. Well, we all know the rainy season has big our car hard time in different ways. Wiper blades become one of the most important safety tools for you at the time of rainy season. We all know we cannot drive without wiper blades in a rainy day. But we also make sure that our windshield gives us a clear view while on driving. Well, first we have to know what gives our windshield scratch to keep it scratch free. The main cause of scratch is dirt and bad wiper blades we have to be sure about our wiper blades. Let me give you some advice how to keep you car windshields scratch free.

Start with your windshield

We have to start with your windshield and keep it clean. How to keep your windshield clean? Well you need to clean your windshield on a regular basis. We need best windshield washer fluids to keep your car’s windshields neat and clean. Well some say why we need to use windshields washer fluid we can use car’s washer fluid or detergent. Well I suggest you not to do that. It will make spot on windshields and even give your car’s windshields some scratch that you do not to have on your cars. So washer fluid for windshields is the best option for you on that.

Keep your washer fluid tank full

There is a container under the hood of your car. There you can put washer fluid for emergency uses. As such you go for a long drive and windshield gets dirty. Then you need to clean it but you do not need to stop the car for that. Just push the button and washer fluid will be on windshields and you can clean the windshield with help of wiper blades.

Never run wiper blades on dry windshield

One of the most common reasons for having a scratch on the windshield is driving wiper blades on a dry windshield. It not only gives windshields scratch but also did a lot of harms to the windshields. You should be careful about it because if you scratch your windshield, your car insurance policy will not cover the damage cost, read it.

Replace worn out wiper blades

Some time wiper blades get expire before time. Wiper blades lose their rubber protection. It exposes the metal parts to the windshields. The metal is very harmful to the windshield; it could make permanent damage on you windshields. People most of the time of the time buy new wiper blades from one rainy season to another rainy season I think you should buy a new best wiper blade from the market if your wiper blades are not showing or performing the way it should. Keeping windshield clean is a good for your car and you’re diving.


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